Friday, February 24, 2012

Long Range Forecast Update (2/24/12)

Prognosis- Just took a look at the 12z GFS. It's looking like the infamous Alaskan Vortex will be returning in a week or so. Until then, expect progressive storm systems and ridges until about a week, when a more solid pattern of a ridge should set up. Thus, some quieter weather is probably in the books in the future.
Personally, this looks to be it for winter. I am seeing some dynamic storm systems that may give the North Plains a good surprise for snow, but other than that, I can't say things are looking too positive.

Any questions can be asked below.


elizabeth said...

Hi Andrew-- love your site!! As a snow lover i was hoping that perhaps thie winter might mimic the winter of '93--warm at first then a late blizzard...since we haven't had much snow here on cumberland plateau i was kinda watching the skies hopefully???thanks-elizabeth

Andrew said...

Elizabeth- Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, this winter looks to be done with. It is still worth holding out optimism- this winter is anything but predictable.