Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Harrisburg, IL Federal Disaster Aid Request Turned Down

In a disappointing move, FEMA has rejected a request by the Governor of Illinois to provide aid to Harrisburg, Illinois, which was devastated by tornadoes in the last several weeks. FEMA rejected the request, saying it was not bad enough to constitute aid. Harrisburg was hit by an EF-4 tornado. I am personally very displeased with this decision and wonder how an EF-4 tornado doesn't qualify any town for federal aid.


Anonymous said...

Screw the government! What the hell are thinking and who made this decision? Too many people have lost everything including loved ones and homes. For the government not to deploy aid to people effected is just incredible and inconsiderate.

- Reid

mike paulocsak said...

There you have it! That's the typical United States Government for you.One thing that bugs me is that when a disaster happens in another country,we are the first ones to provide aid to them.The one thing our MESSED up Government needs to realize is that,we should take care of our own first.I would say the Government is Heartless!They don't give a crap about it's own country!They need to WAKE up!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike you couldn't of said that better but by the way we have nice warm weather here in the Northeast isnt