Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Severe Weather Events Were Predicted (And How You can Predict Them Too)

Potential Jet Stream and Severe Weather Nodes (Made March 3)

Set-up predicted for March (prediction made March 3)

The severe weather that ravaged the country in the last couple weeks of March had been advised on earlier in the month.
In this post from March 3, I declared that there would be a risk for some severe weather outbreaks as the infamous Alaskan Vortex shifted into the Gulf of Alaska. Lo and behold, my predictions came through in the situations I had anticipated.

Now that these predictions have come through, I want to share this with you to give you some advice on how to know if your area could get hit with some severe weather.
The thing I look for in this situation was a deep low pressure in Alaska. If that is there, a ridge should form in the East US, storm systems will come onshore the West Coast, and the rest will follow.
While I could not have anticipated the exact timing and severity of the severe weather events, this is just something that I thought should be shared to give others an idea of when severe weather may hit the country.


ERN WX said...

Andrew, I must say you have done an excellent job predicting the severe wx events this year. One thing see somewhat discouraging the severe threat in the Plains states is the residual clouds and showers. I will monitor the storms as they develop today. Tomorrow looks to be nasty also. Have a great day snd keep up the great work!!!!!!

ERN WX said...

Showers and thunderstorms are breaking out over the Ohio Valley. SOme storms will produce large hail and strong winds. There may even be an ISOLATED tornado. SPC has a slight risk out for part of that area. What makes me upset is I was in that area less than a week ago! Stay safe!!!!!!!!