Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long Range Forecast Release Dates

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I touched on the long range forecasts in honor of 500,000 views and 100 models and ensembles on our Weather Models page, and I feel like this has to be addressed.

It's about time you all got a few gifts for checking out and commenting on here, which I greatly appreciate. So here's what will be coming up next week:
(All times are CDT and subject to minor changes.)

-Monday, March 26: 2012 Summer Forecast (3:30 pm)
-Tuesday, March 27: Updated Spring-Summer Tornado Forecast (12:00 pm)
-Wednesday, March 28: Atlantic Hurricane Forecast (12:00 pm)
-Friday, March 30: 2012-2013 Preliminary Forecast (12:00 pm)



LJ-Lucas Reynolds said...

Sounds great Andrew. Thanks for giving us this information, escpecaly the Spring-Summer Tornado forecast, but all of these forecast I can't wait to see them. I like the effort you put into these forecast.Have a good day and thanks again Andrew. .

ERN WX said...

Thanks a lot, Andrew. I truly appreciate it!!!!! I am starting to see a breakdown of the positive NAO regime which has pushed temperatures well above average. basically I think that once the NAO goes negative strongly, it will stay like that for a while. Your forecasts are really going to be exciting. You always put more effort into forecasting than average. One big reason you have the BEST site! You do a lot of nice things for us. Thank you so much!!!! I will certainly remain a loyal follower. Have a great night!!!!!!!! Workin late shift.

mike paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.I'll keep an eye out for these.I have to say one thing,I have visited many other sites before yours and HANDS down yours is the most informative one.You always explain every detail that is based on the weather event that you talk about.I'll keep visiting as long as you keep this site going!Excellent job Andrew!Take care!

main man said...

I can't wait for the forecasts as I live in Northern New Enland and am interested in the hurricane and winter forecasts. You do a real good job on your forecasting and with great detail. Thanks--MM