Friday, March 9, 2012


Recently, the views on The Weather Centre have been dropping abnormally low.
While I understand this is a slow weather time, I will be using the next couple days to do some cosmetic adjustments to the blog.



Indndawg said...

I like it. Still, its too busy.

LJ-Lucas Reynolds said...

Andrew, your blog is the best and I like the way the blog looks now, but I like the idea some changes to the blog. Can't wait to see the changes.

Andrew said...

If you two have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Indndawg said...

I wish the opening screen were dedicated to the newest post and not littered w/older stuff.

I'd like to see links to the stuff on the sides

Just me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

Will you be monitoring the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season? Thanks!

- Reid W

LJ-Lucas Reynolds said...

Andrew, leave everything the same except a little less of the previous post, perhaps down to two or one. Also, if it works for you, maybe a color change. Since these are my suggestions, you don't have to make these changes.

Andrew said...

Reid- Yes. I will definitely be watching the hurricane season.

LJ and indndawg: Thank you very much for those suggestions. If there is anything else, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Thanks again.

LJ-Lucas Reynolds said...

Andrew, maybe go down to two or one popular posts. I'm suggesting this so people who are visiting your blog can see your Seasonal Forecast and Comment Guidline.