Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forecast Discussion- Today, April 3, 2012

Fronts and Precipitation
Today's Severe Weather Risk

Forecast Discussion for April 3, 2012

Hotspot of the Day: South Plains
A storm system will be moving eastward today, with a cold front combining with the dry line in east Texas to make for some thunderstorms. These thunderstorms should have a mainly tornado and hail threat, meaning that we could be looking at some strong supercell thunderstorms. This development is expected this afternoon.

There is also a risk for severe weather in the Midwest today, as a warm front moves east northeast and brings up warm, humid air to get the atmosphere ready for severe storms. As the cold front comes through later tonight, people in that area can expect heavy rains and some large hail. Damaging winds and large hail are the main threats. This development is expected this afternoon.

Some intermittent showers and storms are expected in the Southeast today as a high pressure is broken in the midst of a large area of warm, humid Gulf air. There is a low severe weather risk, with small hail and gusty winds being the main threats.

A storm system with following cold front will be moving on shore, introducing rain to an already soaked Northwest. Severe weather is not expected. Snow is possible in the mountains.

North Plains, Southwest
High pressures will reside over these areas. Severe Weather and Winter weather are not expected in these areas.


ERN WX said...

This is for anonymous who comes here 25-50 times a day. I am sorry if I came across rude. I have nothing against you or the SnowDay site. My only problem is the 10-20 troublemakers who sometimes abuse the chat. Those folks have said very mean things to Craig. You and any other decent honest person on there I did not group as nasty people. If you think so I apologize. In fact I would really like Craig to stop by here and we can have a good weather discussion! I know that any all sites can be plagued by troublemakers. I understand why you got so upset. I have no intentions of being a troublemaker. And believe me Mike is a very nice fellow. I hope you understand that I have nothing against you or SnowDay. Have a good day and thank you.

ERN WX said...

Hello, Andrew I hope and think you have resolved the issue. Thanks again, Andrew. And now lets get back to weather what the comment section is meant for.

mike paulocsak said...

Hello ERN WX.Couldn't agree more with what you said!Trust me i know they slam Craig all the time.He should clear the sidebar chat.As for what i posted yesterday Andrew,i didn't mean to sound so angry,it's just that when i was growing up back in the day my parents taught me how to be curtious to other people and respect them as human beings.As for the trouble makers on here,i'm sure their parents taught them respect they are just trying to look cool but their not they are looking foolish.Well,not much more to say now.Have a great day guys!

Alice McDonald said...

I hope this weather post will be updated for this evening. When do you think storms might be in NE Indiana tonight?
And just, thank you as always, for helping me make personal and professional decisions from your posts. I enjoy the regulars too (ERN, Mike), but I will still visit daily if the comments are removed.

Andrew said...

Mike: I understand the frustration- I was pretty in the heat of the moment myself.

Alice: NE Indiana does not look as much in the line of fire as the rest of the state. And you are welcome. Thank YOU for coming here and seeing what I put up. I sincerely appreciate everyone's contributions.