Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Special Forecast Discussion: April 3, 2012

Special Forecast Discussion valid April 3, 2012.

This special forecast discussion has been issued as the Storm Prediction Center has outlined a 10% risk of tornadoes, making this a high-end slight risk severe weather area today.

Tornadoes have already been confirmed today, with gut-wrenching video showing trailers being thrown about like paper airplanes.

This was not unexpected, but the magnitude was, in a few aspects. I anticipate the threat to increase as more rotation in the atmosphere is seen in northeast Texas as the storms also move east into this rotation.

A short-term Storm Action Day is now in effect.



ERN WX said...

Hello, Andrew. The one thing that really worries me is large cities are in danger and many paople wrongly believe that large cities never experience tornadoes. I have been tracking thses storms since they developed and I have been horrified by what I am seeing. A busy day we will have.

ERN WX said...

Andrew, when people attack you, I am still going to stick by you like any friend should.

ERN WX said...

The storm that just developed north of San Antonio TX has characteristics of a supercell. That one will probably produce a tornado within an hour. I have seen it happen too often. Bright sunny day.....a supercell develops and a tornado. I just hope the warnings are in time and taken seriously.

Andrew said...

Yes- these large cities are a very concerning thing, especially with the severity the storms are exhibiting. And thank you for the support- it really means a lot. I will also back you and mike up at all times.

ERN WX said...

Thanks, friend. I appreciate it.