Thursday, April 19, 2012

May Outlook Release Date

The May forecast outlook will be issued Thursday, April 26, which will be the 2 year anniversary of The Weather Centre. Hard to believe it's been 2 years already.



ERN WX said...

Congratulations!!! In the short amount of time I have followed this site, I have been impressed by the forecasting skill you have. I am glad to say I follow this site. Thank you and keep up the exceptional work!!! Andrew, I appreciate it!!! Thanks again!

Alice McDonald said...

Congratulations.. Wow. I believe I've been following since August 2010, so most of the time. Very cool Andrew. You have helped so many people in these two years.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Can't wait to hear! I've been reading from founded by climatologists Harris and Mann (not Michael) since early Feb before Leap Day Outbreak. They've been on the ball. They expected early winter tornado activity would be high in South but diminish to average as the activity shifted to Ohio valley late winter/early spring. They expected Ohio valley would be above average in precip. and tornadoes. They previously expected increased activity for central and southern Plains, central was expected as hotspot in mid spring. Now they expect a window for another large outbreak for central and southern Plains with multiple EF4s and maybe an EF5. As summer approaches, they expect activity to shift above normal for northern Plains. I can see another outbreak happening in the south-central and southern plains but not sure about EF5s. I also see expected slack in activity for South and Ohio valley which has been good so far for those rebuilding. I can't wait to hear Andrew's forecast since his previous ones were good, especially the recent outbreak before Day 3 MDT was issued!