Monday, April 9, 2012

Moderate Risk of Severe Weather Issued Today

Overall Severe Weather Threat

Hail Threat

Tornado Threat

Damaging Wind Threat
West Oklahoma is under a moderate risk for severe weather today, with hail being the main risk alongside lower threats of tornadoes and damaging winds.
Instability is expected to be fairly high, with values reaching above 2250 j/kg. This should set the stage for active thunderstorms today.
These storms will be ongoing into the evening. With a fairly intense hodograph, funnel clouds are not out of the question with today's storms. These storms will most likely be single celled, possibly discrete supercells based solely on the threats today.



ERN WX said...

Strong, gusty winds continue across the East. To make matters worse, low RH values ( under 25%) and below avg pcpn continue to dominate. I only expect slgt relief tomorrow in the form of a few shwrs. Next week ( Sunday perhaps) the lower portion of the NE and Middle Atlantic could get some decent rain. Andrew, this is shaping up to be one of the worst wildfire springs I have ever seen. If this continues into summer the East Coast will face serious consequences. One potential hope though could come from the tropics. SPC has a critical fire wx risk out for my area. Burning is HEAVILY discouraged. Andrew, I hope things are going well for you and take care my friend!

ERN WX said...

SPC has issued a mesoscale discussion. A tornado watch will be issued for parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Large hail (on the order of 2+ inches in diameter) is very likely.

svr wx monitor said...

Tornado watch out for: south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma. 40% risk of 2 or more tornadoes within this small watch box. If you are in this watch box, monitor radar or NOAA weather radio. If you don't, your life will be at risk. Tornadoes can come on very quickly without warning.

ERN WX said...

Just a rehearsal folks. Get ready for the weekend and stay safe!!!!!!!!

ERN WX said...

Long range offers the possibility for substantial rain in the East. That would be helpful.