Monday, April 9, 2012

Evaluations for April 12-14 Severe Weather

If you live in Kansas or Oklahoma and want to know what I think of your town's threat of the severe weather risk, you can comment here or on our Facebook page at


ERN WX said...

Now I wish I lived there! Kansas is a great storm chasing place.

ERN WX said...

Hello, Andrew, I just wanted to update you on the wildfire situation throughout my state and region. They continue to wreak havoc and the weather is far from helping them get these things under control. RH values have gone below 20% for 3 straight days. Plus winds have gusted over 20 mph and that has only aided the explosive growth of these fires. I hope we get some sort of heavy showers in our area on Wednesday. Saturday night and Sunday offer the potential for some thunderstorms, which we could really use. Plus I can storm chase.My greatest fear is this drought goes straight through summer. What this may be signaling is a cooler wetter fall and a colder snowier winter for folks in the East. That is my theory, which I have been working on and will continue to work on.

ERN WX said...

Andrew, are you going to put out a post about this extreme danger each day? Thanks. It really looks bad. Take care my friend.