Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moderate Risk of Severe Weather Today

Overall Risk

Hail Risk
Tornado Risk
Damaging Wind Risk

A moderate risk area has been issued for Southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and the western half of Wisconsin. Current expectations are for discrete supercells to develop out ahead of the cold front this afternoon. These supercells may promote tornadoes as they roll through. Later on in the afternoon and into the evening, a squall line is expected to traverse the slight risk area as the cold front makes its appearance into the picture.
Now is the time to prepare. Make sure you have all your tornado preparedness items in place in the event you need to take shelter if a tornado approaches.



ERN WX said...

Wow! You really took this one seriously. I t was bad. Not as bad as feared, but still very bad. Andrew, you are going to have to get some sleep. Great work through the whole outbreak. Today looks to have its share of svr. I got a little rain from the warm front today. It wasn't much but it helped. It is looking warm with enhanced fire conditions for the beginning of the wek in my area. I still fear it will be very dry this summer for the NE. Just a question now. Have you seen any severe thunderstorms this year? I have hardly heard thunder! It has been just quiet in my region.

ERN WX said...

12z ECMWF, GFS, and CMC are suggesting the possibility of decent rain for the East Coast next Sunday. Higher elevations may even get a little snow! A weird year it is!

Anonymous said...

It's anonymous from Wichita. I'm fine and my area is fine. I felt the ground shaking after the rain and hail. Im lucky and this was my first tornado, first significant tornado, first warning, PDS watch, and first tornado emergency!

Andrew said...

Eastern WX: Well, I didn't have too much of a choice since there were storms all over my area. The storms last night may have been borderline severe.

Anonymous: That's good to hear. I was pretty concerned when I heard that Wichita was under a tornado emergency. Never a good thing to hear.