Sunday, April 15, 2012

Preliminary Analysis of April 14, 2012 Tornadoes

This is a preliminary analysis, as not all tornado reports have been confirmed.

Forecast Graphic
Reports from Outbreak
Verification: Good-Very Good
Reason: The southern part of the risk verified nicely, but early storm initiation was just outside the high end levels of the graphic. The northern section did not verify too well, which brought down the preliminary verification grade. However, some Iowa tornado reports were enclosed in the graphic's mid levels. Considering there were not as many reports in that area of Iowa, it was an OK verification for that area.

EF-3 Tornado was confirmed in Wichita, Kansas.
EF-4 Tornado was confirmed in Kanopolis Lake, Kansas


ERN WX said...

Great job, Andrew!!! You continue to show a tremendous amount of skill. Thank you so much. You certainly have the BEST weather site. Just a side note. I haven't seen Mike for a little while. He always has great weather information. He is a nice fellow. Miss having him on.

ERN WX said...

Anonymous from Wichita Kansas. I am glad you are ok. Tornadoes are very scary events. When I saw my first tornado, I was somewhat panic struck and in complete awe at its power. That was a good number of years ago. I have been storm chasing in Kansas before. It was amazing!!! The area is so much nicer than here in the east. That supercell that went though was strong. Going through all of that gives a sense of accomplishment. Glad to know you are fine.

ERN WX said...

Winter Storm warnings in Minnesota and 90's on the East Coast. Plus enhanced fire conditions for easterners and flooding rains for Louisiana and parts of the South. Interesting day.

ERN WX said...

Andrew, after the long night you just had I hope you have been getting some kind of rest. I know that just one can really be rough. Well done on the outbreak. Some people are actually complaining it underperformed. That isn't exactly a bad thing. Tornadoes of all levels are extremely dangerous. Have a good day!!

mike paulocsak said...

Hello ERN WX!I'll post some interesting facts later on today!