Friday, April 27, 2012

NAM Projecting Severe Weather Threat to Continue into Tomorrow

This is a composite reflectivity forecast for roughly 7:00 AM CDT tomorrow morning. As you can see, a broad area of strong storms are expected in the north Illinois/south Wisconsin region.
Make note that composite reflectivity is theoretically the maximum power a storm has. That said, this does not appear likely to verify, but some strong storms are still possible in the areas mentioned before.

On a side note, as the cold weather makes a very unwelcome return, it just so happens that I may be coming down with a little something. A nuisance at best at this point, but this is just a heads up if posting becomes scarce in the next few days (I don't expect it to).


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ERN WX said...

Andrew, don't get sick, man. You always have great information on the weather. I enjoy reading what you post. I'm going to watch the severe storms.