Friday, April 6, 2012

Overnight Forecast Discussion: April 6, 2012

Tonight's Hotspot: Northern Plains
a strong low pressure system will have ejected north to produce rain and snow in the area. Accumulating snows, up to 12 inches in the mountains, are possible. Under the warm sector, some spotty showers and storms may be able to gather enough strength and become somewhat stronger than 'average'. Warm air will flow north as a warm front begins to establish itself farther south.

Spotty rain showers mixed with snow and possibly a mix will be present in the Northwest tonight.

Far north Maine could have to deal with some icy conditions if a mixing shower comes along.


ERN WX said...

Next week a decent cold shot looks aimed at the east. Some areas could see snow. We are paying for the warm wx last month. El Nino is taking over. Also Nao values dropped below -1; the largest drop in several months. Wish this occurred in February. The Northeast and probably the Ohio Valley/Midwest would have seen a good snow.

ERN WX said...

Things are quiet.

ERN WX said...

This Easter will be boring (weatherwise) for the East. Last year we had severe t-storms. During the afternoon, I went storm chasing!!!!! I have even seen snow on Easter. Wonderful the variations in wx. Andrew, have you had snow on Easter recently. For my area it is rare to see snow so late. Take care!!! Any other reports are appreciated. Thank you.