Friday, May 18, 2012

No Post Today

Sorry there's no post today, I was out enjoying the nice weather a bit longer than I had anticipated.

Also, I do appreciate those who comment and contribute to discussions, so please do so if you have something to share.



ERN WX said...

I personally hated the dry, sunny weather in my area. The crazy way I am!!!!!! Now I don't like people being killed by svr wx; or their property being damaged, but I am quite obsessed with wx extremes./

ERN WX said...

Understood completely. Thanks for being such a great fellow!!!!!!!! I normally don't have the time to contribute to many wx sites but I make sure to visit your site every day!!! You do such a great job!!!!!!!!!! Now a little wx disco for the East Coast. A coastal storm is expected Sunday night/ Mon./ perhaps Tues. for a lot of the E Coast. I am rooting for it becoming subtropical, but that is not likely, BUT POSSIBLE. Don't worry, just a little wind and rain. End of May offers E. Coast svr wx threat!!!!!!!! And also Plains states excitement likely!!!!!! Svr outbreaks could occur. Stay safe everyone. Take care!!!!!!!!! Your friend, ERN WX./

Anonymous said...

When do you go on summer break Andrew? I am excited to see full day tracking of severe weather.

Andrew said...

ERN WX: It means a lot to have your support (and everyone else's, for that matter) behind this blog. I do really appreciate it.

Anonymous: The days are actually getting busier as I head into summer. I'll only have a few days where I'll be able to track severe weather full-time in a day.