Saturday, June 2, 2012


No post today, have been out and about.

Debating the release of something that would resemble a new 2012-2013 winter forecast. I'm going to set up a poll on the right momentarily to ask if you would want me to release that.



WinterStorm said...

Yes. I think that that is a good idea. Are you still thinking a weak to moderate el nino? If so, would you say east or west based? Thanks!

ERN WX said...

18 yes and 0 no!!! WOW! Andrew, Bastardi has been saying this could be one winter never to forget (for vey good reasons)for a while now. With the low sunspot cycle the NAO will be - much more often. I think just as last year was the dud for just about everyone, this year might be epic for just about everyone. Volcanic activity is also up so temps will be down a bit. Hope everyone has a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is what ern says true? I am not expecting much. If he is right it could be scary. I am a bit scared of big snows now, after 2010.