Sunday, June 3, 2012

Severe Weather Targets Eastern Kansas Today

General severe weather risk

Risk of a tornado
There is a risk of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes in eastern Kansas today, as a warm front lifts north across the area to produce scattered strong thunderstorms.

I am a bit skeptical, because the latest WRF and WRF Ensembles I have seen seem to put the storms more into Oklahoma than Kansas. It should be noted that the NAM also shows this solution.

I will keep up to date with the RAP model forecasts and post new information on the Facebook page. 


ERN WX said...

Anonymous from Kansas, today looks like it could be big for you! Take care and stay safe!!! I'm in see text for hail and wind. Any reports I'll give. I activated.

ERN WX said...

Glad I activated as a spotter. Strong storms coming. I'm heading out. And I am bringing my anemometer with me this time.

Anonymous said...

Nothing yet ERN. Forecast was actually downgraded and storms are more likely south of me so it's more of a Oklahoma jurisdiction. Looking at the radar, there is no outflow boundary left by an MCS last night. Not busted yet but spotter activation not likely despite Tornado Watch along KS/OK border south of me.

Where are you? Most activity seems to be in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. By the way, I was going through Maryland and Pennsylvania returning from my vacation on June 1. Those mountains had some of the most dense fogs I've ever seen. The fog was rising into the supercells and squalls. The PA squall was LEWP signatured but didn't seem derecho-like. It was fun but I hated the jungle effect on my observations. Take care!