Monday, June 25, 2012

All Eyes on Florida as Debby Preps for Landfall

The weather world is focused on Florida today as tropical storm warnings fly in advance of the landfall of Tropical Storm Debby later this week. The NHC projects Debby to remain nearly stationary over the next few days, before making its move Thursday morning and striking Florida. The main rain shield has already been torn off of the system, and it is very possible that the exposed center of circulation could bring Debby down to a tropical depression before landfall happens. Additionally, some dry air in the western Gulf of Mexico could pose an issue for development on that side of the circulation center.

The top half of the picture is cut off for a reason.
This image from the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) of 5 day rainfall illustrates the potentially deadly threat that Florida faces from Debby despite recent weakening, with the HPC suggesting nearly a foot and a half of solid rain could fall in isolated portions of Florida, especially on the Gulf Coast side. Already, flash flooding is an issue in Florida from Debby, and if this forecast verifies, travel by boat (or ark) would be the preferred mode of transportation.


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