Monday, June 25, 2012

Buoys Record Tropical Storm Debby's Strength

Buoy 42046 in the Gulf of Mexico, west northwest of Tampa Bay, FL, recorded a minimum pressure reading of roughly 29.42 inches as Debby moved over the region. You can clearly see the time when Debby actually entered the immediate vicinity of the buoy, which was around 7:00 PM CDT 2 nights ago. Overnight, and throughout yesterday and last night, pressures have dropped by nearly half an inch.

An observation station in Clearwater Beach, Florida recorded a wind gust at 50 knots (roughly 57 MPH) in the evening hours last night as the intense part of Debby moved over the area. Since then, wind gusts have been restricted to the 25-35 knot mark, and have been stabilizing throughout the morning into the 25-30 knot range.

Something also pretty interesting, from buoy 42036, was the significant wave height, which topped out at nearly 18 feet. Think about that- 18 feet wave heights. That's like something that the crab fishers in 'Deadliest Catch' would experience, out in the Bering Sea.

Updates will continue throughout the day.


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