Friday, June 22, 2012

CMC Leads Trend in Texas Tropics Threat

The Canadian weather service's CMC model is continuing to project a fairly strong tropical cyclone to impact the Texas region, possibly into Mexico. This is at least the 3rd run that the model has continuously shown that solution. The image shown is of the CMC.
The ECMWF shows a weaker solution with a slightly more southerly track



Svr Spotter said...

Strong tstms appear likely today for portions of the Mid Atlantic. Instability is increasing by the second. I am waiting for storms to fire up. A watch is needed.

ERN WX said...

Report: hail 1.00 inch in diameter; microburst 54mph. Lots of lightning. This is delayed. More storms moving in from west.

Andrew said...

Thank you both for the reports!