Friday, June 1, 2012

Mesoscale Moderate Risk Issued for Tornadoes in Mid Atlantic

Today is a Storm Action Day

The Storm Prediction Center did issue a mesoscale (small area) moderate risk of severe weather for a portion of the Mid Atlantic area today. This was the result of an increased tornado threat.

There are pockets of shearing among strong instability values in the Mid Atlantic, leading to an increased tornado risk with storms that have formed and are forming. Currently, they are individual cells, but they do appear to be bonding, which would essentially cut out a big component of the supercell potential with this severe weather event.

I want to say i'm sorry about not posting yesterday- I was pretty busy, and will be tonight. I am trying hard to nail down things that I will issue on a daily basis (example: Chase Spot, storm outlook, etc.), and that should be implemented tomorrow.

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ERN WX said...

Hello, evryone. I am on the storms. Me and every spotter I know are all out and waiting. One of my friends thinks he saw a funnel cloud, but it is a bit hard to confirm ( rain wrapped). He is near Baltimore right now. Any reports I will give. SREF shows sprcl potential E of both torn watches. With bulk shear abv 40kts, and good lift storms will make it a good dist. GFS indicates a very strong sqln later.

ERN WX said...

Pictures my friend sent do show a funnel cloud in MD. Storms marching east and are very dangerous

ERN WX said...

Andrew, do you use the SPC SREF? It is a great model.

Anonymous said...

I was on the way home to KS going through that stuff. Different out there watching dense fogs rise under the supercells and squalls. Went through that squall in PA mostly. Intense rain and winds mostly. The radar showed the LEWP signature and I was in the bow under the tornadic bow outside of Johnstown PA. My area of that bowing squall was intensifying immediately. ERN, you must have had a fun time. So was I since I was outside the HPs and the bow segment was quick. The trees, hills, and mountains annoyed me as they blocked my view hahaha. Take care!

ERN WX said...

The supercells with the Fri outbreak were not as healthy as they are in the Midwesrt. I only got heavy rain and winds to about 50mph (I did not have my anemometer with me!)