Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ominous Heat Wave to Expand North Tomorrow

Heat related advisories are up as the nation prepares for a bout with menacing 100 degree heat tomorrow. There are excessive heat warnings in action in eastern Kansas and western Missouri, where the center of the heat should be placed. Heat index values could flirt with 110 degrees. In dark maroon, in northwest Illinois and east Iowa, an excessive heat watch is in effect, meaning that there is the potential that those areas could see an excessive heat warning out of this. Much more common on the map is orange, which signifies heat advisories. Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO, and Indianapolis, IN are among the major cities in the heat advisories. I would not be surprised to see St. Louis go under an excessive heat warning for this event, with highs flirting with 110.

Forecast high temperatures for tomorrow extend an arm of 100 degree heat from Kansas through the Midwest and edging into the Ohio Valley. A swath of near-100 degree heat will also be present in the southern Mississippi valley into portions of the Southeast. 90 degree readings look to be in place throughout the Northern Plains and East Coast tomorrow as well.

In order to limit health-related illness risk tomorrow, it is advised that you:
-Drink plenty of water at all times.
-Do as little high labor activities outside as possible.
-Check on elderly neighbors.
-If you have pets, keep them in a cool area with a water source.

Tomorrow is not the day to go run a 5K or bike several miles in the afternoon. This heat will pose a threat to life, but can be avoided if you keep hydrated and don't do high energy activity.


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Cold front said...

This heat has staying power!!!!!!!!! T-storms will help though.