Friday, June 29, 2012

A Week of the Same Heat, Storms On The Way

The image shown below is the forecast at the 500mb level off the NCEP ensembles. Typically, as we have seen today, thunderstorms are inclined to form along the rim of such summer high pressure systems. This continuous thunderstorm threat makes for the nickname of the 'Ring of Fire', for the intense storms that can move along the rim of the high pressure ridge.
If we see this dome of heat keep sitting over the area, the next 7 days could very well be more of what we saw today with storms in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Northern Plains.
Now, a few days after the image below, a storm system looks to push south and move the high pressure system west. However, the NCEP ensembles appear torn on that idea, which means it may never happen and the ridge just keeps in place.
This may be just as bad, as the Colorado fires could be helped or harmed by either storms along the rim of the ridge of high pressure, or the heat and sun from being inside the ridge.


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