Monday, July 9, 2012

East Pacific Alight With Tropical Activity

The Eastern Pacific is alight with tropical activity on this fine day, with two hurricanes spinning around and another disturbance in the picture.

Hurricane Daniel is shown to the east-southeast of Hawaii and looks very disorganized as it rapidly degrades into a post-tropical cyclone. Models say Hawaii is not at risk, but should stay on alert as the system passes to the south.

Hurricane Emilia is currently a Category 2 and is shown as a very defined hurricane to the southeast of Mexico. Emilia will most likely strengthen into Category 3 territory in a short time, and stay there for a while before weakening as movement to the northwest brings cooler waters and less conducive conditions for tropical activity.

There is also a jumble of disorganized activity to the east of Emilia, and this does indeed have a chance of some formation at a later time as the Madden-Julian Oscillation points to favorable tropical activity for the next few days.

For information on Daniel, click here: Link
For information on Emilia, click here: Link


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