Thursday, July 26, 2012

Severe Storms Initiate in Northeast

There is a severe thunderstorm watch over parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley, as strong to severe thunderstorms quickly get going in the mentioned regions.

It is very possible that this line could form more storms to the southwest, and these storms could produce a derecho based on the derecho composite values seen below.

This could become a very violent situation in a very short amount of time should storms form in the southern Ohio/West Virginia area. This entire situation will need a lot of monitoring for the rest of the day, and I will be closely watching storm development through the day.



Anonymous said...

Will you be doing a video briefing Andrew? I used to really like those during bad weather.

Randy the Random Dude said...

Sorry to bother you again I would just like to say that the last comment (about the video) was from me I forgot to select my name.

Andrew said...

I made one a few minutes ago and will try to post it in the next 10 minutes. I warn you, I have a nasty cold and it does nothing to help the distortion that videos do to sounds.

Randy the Random Dude said...

Thanks so much Andrew! It's so much easier to listen to someones voice during situations like this than reading text.

Andrew said...

This could take a little longer than anticipated, but I will get it out soon.