Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stratosphere Showing 2009 To Be Possible Analogue

A comparison of 2009 stratospheric temperature anomalies and temperature anomalies thus far into 2012 has shown that both years have been very similar thus far. Take a look at 2009 (full image) and 2012 (half completed image) below. Both had rapid warming early in the year, followed by a period of cooling before both settled in to a stable period, which we are in now.
If we follow the stratosphere to forecast this winter, the stratosphere would remain cool thru early winter, but not to the extent seen last year. If we only used 2009, a substantial winter would be in store, probably with an active back-loaded winter, seeing as there was rapid warming in February that would be supportive of winter weather.
All of this is on the preliminary side and is still being researched. This does not mean we will see a repeat of 2009-10, it just shows that there is a correlation between that year and this year thus far.


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