Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Go Ahead, Make My Day."- Invest 94 To Rapidly Strengthen

Graphics from the RAMMB CIRA agency indicate a very high potential of tropical cyclone formation in between the 35W- 50W longitude lines in the Atlantic.

Tropical cyclone formation potential over the waters where Invest 94 is about to move into is at a very good level at this time, with the RAMMB CIRA folks outlining a large area of 'good' potential in red where Invest 94 is only miles away from.

A look at satellite imagery shows a very well defined circulation in the invest, but an exposed eastern side of the system. However, a strong cluster of showers and storms is currently in place over the western and northern sides of the system. Should we see more development over the western portion of the system, the invest would quickly become a tropical cyclone, and this may be only hours away.


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