Saturday, August 4, 2012

TS Ernesto Aims For Gulf Coast; Florence to Dissipate Soon

Tropical Storm Ernesto

TS Ernesto is currently within the eastern half of the Caribbean and moving westward, in a motion that will eventually turn northwest. Ernesto is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Considering it will only be a hurricane for a short time, I do not believe that this landfall will be a significant one. 
Following the first landfall, I believe that Ernesto will emerge in the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm after its bout with land. However, due to the relatively untouched Gulf waters this season, there should be enough energy for potentially rapid strengthening into a hurricane that, according to my calculations, should hit Texas or Louisiana. That said, anyone in the red 'Risk Area' should be on watch to prepare supplies for a tropical system. Those in Texas and Louisiana should prepare for a tropical cyclone impact now. Remember: Better safe than sorry!

Tropical Storm Florence

Florence has been quick to form, but will also be quick to dissipate, as the system enters an area with heavy shearing and moderate lower level winds. Florence should dissipate in a few days.


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