Thursday, August 16, 2012

Widespread Drought Improvement Possible

The Climate Prediction Center issued their new drought outlook today, on the heels of a relatively new, wetter pattern evolving in the northeast quadrant of the nation.

The CPC is now forecasting the Southwest, Plains, Midwest, Ohio Valley, Southeast, and Northeast to all improve their drought conditions from now to November 30. However, the Central and Southern Plains appear to be headed for a continuation of the drought already at hand.

In other news, Hawaii is entering a drought, while Alaska is one of a few states to have no drought impacts, along with Maine, to name a few.



Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi Andrew! How has it been going? I agree with this 100%. The Ohio area has been getting pretty wet lately,with more rain on the way tonight & tomorrow.It will be interesting to see if this continues until we enter the winter season.Take care!

ERN WX said...

This pattern indicates poss. strong clippers for winter. These will phase with Gulf storms and produce monsters. Mike, fall pattern is looking neat.

Roger Ting said...


First time at your blog.

I was wondering if the drought conditions will improve over the next 12-18 months?


Andrew said...

Roger: Thanks for stopping by! That's a little long range, but the Midwest and South should see some easing up on the drought in that time frame.