Friday, September 21, 2012

Forecast Discussion for Friday, September 21

Today's Weather Hotspot: Midwest
The Midwest will be under the gun today, as a mess of frontal systems and disturbances creates widespread precipitation in the region. The Upper Midwest looks to be dealing with a disturbance handling a cold front, which should ignite some spotty showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. A second disturbance based in NW Missouri should produce a wider expanse of heavier precipitation in southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and southeast Missouri. The movement of a disturbance into a region where warm air has been pulled north may produce some gusty thunderstorms.

Rocky Mountains
High pressure will rest over the area, bringing sunny skies, but cold nights. Lack of cloud cover means the heat gathered during the day is released back into space, further cooling down nighttime temperatures.

A frontal system will produce scattered showers and thunderstorms in the region. Residents should be aware of the threat of storms popping up in a matter of minutes.

A cold front intruding on a sector of warm air will produce some showers and thunderstorms, centered in western Pennsylvania and western New York. There does not look to be a big severe threat with this, but I will not rule out the gusty thunderstorm.

Spotty showers are possible, especially closest to shore, where a disturbance moving towards the region may pop up some scattered yet brief showers.

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Louey said...

This looks pretty nice. I was just wondering if you could add more regions or clarify where Louisville, KY would go in this (I've seen some consider it the Mississippi Valley, some Ohio Valley, and some Midwest).