Sunday, September 23, 2012

Forecast Discussion for Sunday, September 23

Today's Weather Hotspot: Central Plains
Despite the presence of a cool high pressure over much of the central US, some spotty showers appear possible for the region. Additionally, a close proximity of a frontal system to the high pressure will create a windy situation for the region today. Bundle up and don't get blown away!

Great Lakes
Lake effect showers will be falling in the wake of a cold front that brings cool autumnal air into much of the eastern part of the nation today. The most intensely-hit areas will be the western Great Lakes, where some heavier precipitation should be observed.

South Florida
A disturbance in the region will provide ignition for showers and a possible storm. No severe weather is expected.

Western Rocky Mountains
A disturbance in the region will provide the base for some liquid precipitation. No severe weather is anticipated.

An incoming disturbance will provide some showers just offshore the region. A little moisture may reach the coastal regions, but other than that, conditions should remain dry.


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