Monday, September 3, 2012

New European Model Devastates Bermuda With Major Hurricane

The new European ECMWF model is forecasting a major hurricane to slam into the waters immediately near Bermuda, possibly hitting Bermuda itself.

The image above is at Hour 144, roughly 6 days away. This is Tropical Storm Leslie, which is currently to the east of the Virgin Islands. Leslie is indeed forecast to become a hurricane, but this forecast, should it verify, would bring a Category 4 hurricane to the region.

A category 4 hurricane is defined as a hurricane with central pressure between 920 and 944 millibars. I would prefer not to say the wind speeds, as I believe the Saffir-Simpson scale should not include the wind scale after what we saw with Isaac. However, for those wanting to know, a Category 4 hurricane has 130-156 MPH winds.

This remains a far ways out, but is certainly something to watch. A hurricane of this magnitude could greatly devastate Bermuda with high surf and flooding rains.


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