Monday, September 24, 2012

Weather Watchers: Another Windy Day In The Midwest, South Plains

What appears to be a third day of wind has arrived for much of the Midwest, and even a portion of the Southern Plains today.

Wind speeds have been clocked as high as 26 MPH on the northern Minnesota/Wisconsin border this afternoon, while bigger cities like Chicago and Milwaukee only have gotten as high as 18 MPH. Regions closer to the Great Lakes are getting even windier, with the upper portion of Michigan getting as windy as 24 MPH.

Even the Southern Plains are getting in on the fun. Central Oklahoma has maxed out at 17 MPH for the afternoon. However, the northwesterners in Texas can attest to 18 and 20 MPH wind reports, equal to that being observed in the Midwest. The lack of a fairly large body of water brings down the reports in Texas from that of upper Michigan, where water enhances the wind speed, as land does not interrupt the wind.


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