Saturday, September 22, 2012

Widespread Freeze Likely Tonight in Midwest, Plains

Light blue: Freeze Warning
Dark Blue: Frost Advisory
Widespread frosting and freezes are likely across much of the Midwest and Plains tonight, as the coldest air of the season moves into the country. Frost advisories stretch as far south as Springfield, Illinois, and a freeze warning is on the border with Canada, making this event span hundreds of miles.

Actions must be taken now to save plants and other vegetation in harms way of this first autumnal frost/freeze. Here are some tips to help your plants survive this night.

-Cover your plants with some cloth or an other covering. If the frost hits, the covering will take the brunt of the frozen dew, keeping the plant dry. NOTE: I have seen someone in my neighborhood put a styrofoam container over their plants with a brick on top. It seems to have worked well.

-If you absolutely adore your plants and feel like it's too early to see them off, you may even go so far as to put hand warmers around the plant in addition to covering them up. It isn't a bad idea if you want your plants to receive as little harm as possible.


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