Monday, October 15, 2012

Arctic Floodgates To Open Next Week

The GFS Ensembles are predicting that a massive pool of frigid air previously building up over western Canada will be unleashed on the entire nation, with many areas plummeting to temperatures as low as 12 degrees below normal.

It is not uncommon for temperature swings to be common in the Fall, when summer is transitioning to winter. However, this looks to be the first widespread chill of the late fall season. After many areas have had their first hard freeze, this event could bring devastation to plants unprepared for such cold temperatures.

Let's remind ourselves that the above image is an average of the GFS Ensembles. But what is the GFS itself saying?

The GFS extends this cold outbreak well beyond 7 days, with temperatures being projected to be downright cold in the northern Plains, with the chill extended well east into the East Coast and into the Atlantic.

While we have already had to get out our heavy jackets this season, make sure you are prepared: This wil be the first of many cold snaps across the nation, not just in one region. Get those plants prepared for next week. I wouldn't be surprised to see flakes fly in the Plains if this forecast verifies.


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