Monday, October 15, 2012

Strong Disturbance To Make The Week Windy, Wet

A powerful storm system will enter the nation, making much of the eastern US a wet, windy mess for the second half of this workweek.

This is the forecast from the North American Mesoscale model, or the NAM model for Thursday. It is forecasting 500mb height wind speeds, where one can most easily see systems of high pressure and low pressure. The above image shows a very powerful storm system striking the Upper Midwest and creating quite a windy environment in the upper atmosphere.

The model is showing very windy conditions prevailing over the northern Plains and into the Midwest, as scattered showers roam around the same regions. I would not be surprised to see some flakes mixing into the northern Plains precipitation. There will be some thunderstorms, possibly severe in the southern Plains. A squall line with varying strength will be sliding from border to border across the eastern US. The worst weather is likely to be in the south near the Gulf Coast, while heavy rain and rumbles of thunder are likely farther north.

Grab those hats and heavy jackets, it's going to be a windy end to your workweek!


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Joshua Steiner said...

Eh.. Are you sure you want to use the NAM? It's been a lot less consistent than the GFS and GEM. And it's too weak with the entire surface storm. The GFS is showing stronger wind speeds, a stronger storm system, and one that is a bit farther east and south than the NAM.