Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cold Outbreak Rounding Out Next 10 Days; Cool Halloween Ahead?

The 12z ECMWF is slamming down on the nation with an absolutely brutal cold snap coming to the northern Plains an eventually the central and eastern parts of the nation in the next 10 days.

Above are two images dealing with the 850mb level, commonly used to identify areas of warm and cold air. The ECWMF is taking a major storm in Canada and having it sweep brutally cold sir south into the US. The bottom image is 850mb temperature anomalies, of which are bottoming out as low as 19 degrees below normal!

Many locations will be at risk for some flakes flying. If there will be any accumulation remains to be determined, but this cold snap could lead the way for a bang to start November in the East- and possibly a very chilly Halloween.


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S. Reinhardt said...


If this situation is correct, do you think that Boston might have their first snow as a result, or will it still be too warm.

-Scott Reinhardt