Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long Range Snow Possibilities Arising

Models are indicating very long range snow potentials, which can be a precursor to a possible snow event in the future.

While long range forecasts rarely verify, they can offer hints on what eventually happens. For example, if a model were to show a massive hurricane devastating New York 2 weeks out, you wouldn't believe it. Neither would I. However, things like that alert forecasters to keep a general eye out on that timeframe for some form of tropical activity in the general Atlantic Ocean.

If we apply that rule to this situation, I can see the potential for a snow possibility as a massive cool down is predicted about 2 weeks out. I choose to believe the long range cool down theory as the ensembles are trending with it, something taken much more seriously than a single model's forecast.

In short, I could see some part of the nation getting a little of the white stuff. I doubt it will be significant, and probably would hit farther north. Either way, exciting times appear ahead for the central and eastern US!


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