Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 29-31 Potential Winter Storm

There is potential for a winter storm during the timeframe of January 29-31. The models have been hinting at this for quite a while, so let's discuss.

This system will be shot out of the central Plains to begin the whole fiasco. The GFS model forecast of mean sea level pressure anomalies shows that, by the morning of January 30th, the storm system has developed into a very strong system centered over Gary, Indiana. This would provide snowfall to the Upper Midwest and parts of the Northern Plains. However, there is another low pressure system that has developed just around of Brownsville, something we need to keep an eye on. That low pressure system, should history be an indicator of what could happen beyond this image, could develop into a coastal storm if it keeps a low profile as it moves along the Gulf Coast and is strong-armed into moving north in response to high pressure already east of Cuba. But, beyond this image, I am not confident in model forecasts that could explain it.

So, using what little information we have, there is potential for a storm system to develop and possibly bring some accumulating snow to parts of the Plains and Midwest.



Wally Gullang said...

This evening Tom Skilling in Chicago is calling for a possable rain and or drizzle event with temp.'s in the low 40's for this time period

Anonymous said...

what chance does kansas have of seeing rain/snow from one of these possible storms??
if these miss us do you have any ideas when some good storms will pass the central plains with helpful rains or snows