Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 8-9 Potential Winter Storm

A snowfall event looks to be setting up for the Northeast.

The above model shows the snowfall forecast for February 9th. Keep in mind this is total accumulated snow. The GFS model is printing out several inches for inland New York, southern Maine and other states in New England. Heavier totals, possibly close to a foot of snow, may hit eastern New York, Massachusetts, and even into Vermont.

I should mention that the shorter-range NAM model is much less enthusiastic with these totals, and other models are not supportive of such a big snowfall like the one shown above. Regardless, accumulating snow is likely to fall in this region. Totals will become more apparent with time.



Josh Adams said...

This is the most off and conservative post ive ever seen on this website. be more excciting. lol. but very info. andrew/

Andrew said...

Josh: If you looked at the most recent post, you would find this: http://theweathercentre.blogspot.com/2013/02/february-8-10-historic-coastal-storm.html