Saturday, March 30, 2013

April 5-6 Potential Storm

There is potential for a coastal storm in the Northeast from April 5-6.

Fresh model data indicates a storm system will form in the Southeast and manifest itself to move northeast, just offshore of New England. The system will not be close enough to provide an opportunity for snow, and the presence of warm air along coastal cities means any snow potential will be dashed there by a chilly rain. Lake effect snowfall may be possible in western New York, but this looks to be a rather marginal opportunity for any accumulating snow. Best chances for accumulation reside in western New York as a result of the lake effect snow, and those accumulations may be very light. There remains time for this situation to change, but right now I'm seeing a non-event as far as snowstorm potential goes.


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Met said...

That's not lake effect snow. To have that, you need a fetch off the said lake. In this case, the winds are out of the Northeast according to the isobars.