Monday, March 25, 2013

April 5-7 Potential Storm

There is potential for a major storm system hitting much of the nation between April 5-7.

The latest American model forecast has a major storm system impacting the Midwest, Great Lakes and South US. As of now, the latest American GFS model has a solid snowstorm hitting southeast Minnesota, portions of Wisconsin, portions of Iowa and even into southeast Nebraska. This would be 'heart-attack snow' event, in that the snow would be very heavy due to marginal temperatures. As of now, the European model does not have this timeframe within its forecast period- we will need a few more days before that model can grasp the April 5-7 time period and confirm or deny this potential storm system.

Current thinking on this system is that there is potential- the long range looks to have an active Pacific jet stream, something that could enhance storm chances and storm strength if the storm were to happen.



Anonymous said...

Nice post Andrew! I was wondering do you know what is possible on the eastern countries? (VA,NC,ML ETC)

Anonymous said...

Whoops I meant to say states in the Eastern U.S. Sorry if I caused any confusion. I'm 12 and i'm a junior meteorologist but i'm not the best with typing or using models.