Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 18 Severe Weather Event (Updated 3/16)

There is still potential for severe weather on Monday, March 18.

According to the above Storm Prediction Center outlook, a slight risk of severe weather exists from central Kentucky into Tennessee and the northern half of Alabama. This risk covers over 60,000 square miles and just under 8 million people. Large cities such as Nashville, Birmingham, and Chattanooga are under the gun for this severe weather risk.

Latest high resolution model forecasts have a mess of rain and snow covering Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and other areas near Kentucky. Shortly after this mess departs, a complex of severe thunderstorms appears to be forming in the early morning hours over the region delineated above. Composite reflectivities show this complex to be scattered yet organized. It looks like this complex will have a threat for all types of severe weather, but the lack of individual supercells lowers the tornado threat modestly.


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Stacey said...

Hi Andrew, first off thank you for all you do. Secondly, what do you see as far as possible severe or even general thunderstorms timing around the nashville tn area? I am worried its going to be bad during morning rush hour tomorrow and I have such an extreme storm phobia I'm in a panic. If I was already at work and my son already at school then I would be more calm but it's looking like it might be occurring right at the time I don't want it to. If you get time and can, please give me your thoughts on possible timing? I hate to be a bother but I get a little out of control when it comes to storms :) Thanks again