Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Massive Snowstorm Headed for Minnesota

A recent forecast image from the American GFS model shows portions of Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota receiving snow totals above 2 feet in some spots, with Minnesota possibly getting in on 30 inches of pure snow!

Bear in mind this forecast is unlikely to verify exactly, as it is very rare to see extreme snow totals like this at any time in the year, much less in mid-spring. A more recent forecast has the same states getting anywhere from 10-16 inches of snow, and this range still seems pretty high. While it does seem pretty high, it technically is realistic- it isn't spring without a major storm system bringing a big winter storm and big severe weather event. While the most recent forecast shows only 10-16 inches, previous forecasts today have shown amounts still flirting with 2 feet of solid snow in many places.


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