Monday, April 22, 2013


I figured this should probably be addressed before anyone begins to wonder and rumors swirl.

Posting has been much more limited as of late due to a multitude of factors, the most prevalent being the lack of topics to post about. Also factoring into the quiet trend here is how the last few weeks have become unusually busy, restricting my access to the computer. Until we get back into a severe weather event and those dreadful summer heat waves, posting may very well remain below normal. I have no timetable for when this busy period will end, unfortunately.



Eric said...

Ok Andrew, I've been enjoyed whatever posts you can release, & completely understand where you're coming for as far as how busy your schedule is, same here for me, as I'm only able to release posts now once every month or so, but you were saying that there wasn't much to talk about, well, I hope this post helps to maybe give you some ideas on things to talk about because there are plenty. Also, I thought you might love this website, shows weather patterns & composites, oscillations like AMO & PDO for any given year going back to 1871, a gold mine of information, and I strongly suggest you to check out this website.

Anonymous said...

And not to mention... model performance has been worse than ever. You'd think with all this technology, models would be better than 30 years ago. It's actually worse, and there are times when the normal civilian can forecast way better than these models which half the time, are useless. Time for a major upgrade, cause this is just depressing knowing how bad our models are.