Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weather Overview for May 11, 2013

Midwest: Two cold fronts are pushing through the region at this hour, with the northernmost frontal boundary being forced south by a vorticity center that is bottoming out into the Great Lakes. Progression of these cold fronts will lead to a chilly weekend before a gradual warm-up builds into the mid-week. No severe weather expected.

Northeast/Mid-Atlantic: Cold front progressing east will interact with a region of heightened moisture in the Mid-Atlantic and initiate showers and thunderstorms. Current Storm Prediction Center outlook highlights this area for a Slight Risk of severe weather. Cooler temperatures expected as cold fronts are moved east in coming days. Severe weather is possible.

Southeast/Gulf Coast: Low pressure system that initiated strong thunderstorms in Texas last night has shifted into Mexico as the complex of active weather skirts the Gulf Coast, mainly confined over the Gulf of Mexico waters. Isolated strong weather risk along the coastline before the complex of showers and thunderstorms makes landfall in Florida. Severe weather is possible during that time.

Pacific Northwest: Disturbance is being pushed north into Canada as a result of high pressure development in the Western United States. Despite the movement of this disturbance away from the region, precipitation remains possible. Most likely scenario is a cloudy day with precipitation entering the region this evening as the back-end of this disturbance is far enough south to interact with the Pacific Northwest. No severe weather expected.


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