Saturday, August 17, 2013

Arctic Temperatures Plummeting

Temperatures in the upper Arctic are not only below normal, but are now dropping off a cliff into deep below normal territory.

The chart above shows three lines plotted: the freezing temperature of water (shown by the blue line), the average Arctic temperature in green, and the observed Arctic temperatures in red. It has been well established that the Arctic has been in cooler than normal weather over the summer, but it is only in the last week that temperatures have seriously dropped off.

A temperature analysis chart from August 14 shows a deep pocket of below normal temperatures in northern Greenland, and it appears this pocket is the culprit behind these very cold Arctic temperatures.

Continued below-normal temperatures in the Arctic would more than likely initiate an earlier fall, and possibly an earlier winter in the upper latitudes. Should the atmosphere cooperate, lower latitudes, like the US, could see an earlier fall in the form of colder weather as a product of these extraordinarily cold Arctic temperatures.



Otter said...

Added your blog to my climate-change resource page. Saw you on Steve Goddard's site.

Andrew said...

Thanks; do you have a link to where he mentioned this site?

Anonymous said...

On the sccuweather forums you said that you have released your final winter forecast. Are you going to post it on here?


Andrew said...

Anonymous: That was just a joke; My official forecast comes out on the 31st of this month, while the final forecast will likely come out in late October.