Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 8-12 Potential Storm System & Cold Weather

The November 8-12 period is being monitored for a potential storm system, as well as a shot of cold air.

Tropical Tidbits
The graphic above shows vorticity values at the 500mb level of the atmosphere, below the level where airplanes fly but still pretty high up in the sky. In this image, we see vorticity values forecasted for the afternoon of November 2nd. Notice the strong, negatively-tilted cyclone to the northwest of Japan, highlighted by the enhanced vorticity values. This trough quickly circles up and occludes as it pushes north and east of Japan.

This particular storm potential is a tough one to discuss, as the storm will be very strong and will affect Japan in some way, but the trough itself won't actually hit Japan; it'll occlude too fast and will be shoved north. As a result, for now, the outlook calls for a cold front with associated chilly air to affect the US around this November 8-12 period. I'm not quite confident yet in calling for a storm system, but will leave the possibility open in the event some sort of disturbance can be whipped up, or become associated with the cold front pushing through around this timeframe.



BearCub said...

Andrew, Is this the same storm mentioned for the 5th -8th or is this a different storm to follow that date?

Andrew said...

This would appear to be a different system, but I'll have to run through guidance to be sure.