Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 19th Potential Heavy Snow Event - Northeast

Model guidance is indicating heavy snow may strike the Northeast, particularly in Maine, on January 19th.

Tropical Tidbits
The image above, off the latest GFS model forecast, shows precipitation type, mean sea level pressure (MSLP) and 1000-500mb thickness value projections for Monday afternoon, on the 19th. We see a storm system offshore New England with a minimum central pressure of about 991 millibars, dropping extensive precipitation across the region. This storm should move out quick enough so the event is over by Tuesday morning or early afternoon.

Tropical Tidbits
The snow map from this storm shows about 6-12" of accumulation in New Hampshire, with amounts then escalating to the 36" mark in Maine, which is where the storm is expected to reach peak intensity/impact. Prior to this storm, about 6" falls across the region, lowering the totals shown here. Despite that, this storm still looks to be impressive.

To summarize:

- A heavy snow event is expected to impact the Northeast on January 19th.
- Amounts of 6-12" may be expected in New Hampshire.
- Amounts of 12-24+" may be expected in isolated parts of Maine.


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Anonymous said...

Dammit..Western NY misses out again! UGH This Winter pattern has been horrible for us in Rochester NY. Ugh..give me some hope Andrew! WE need a real pounder!