Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10- Major Hurricane Adrian Morning Discussion

Hurricane Adrian is a major Category 4 hurricane. Maximum sustained winds reach 140 mph, with central pressure at 946 millibars. Adrian is moving to the WNW at 9 mph.
Adrian is forecast to remain in major hurricane strength (Category 3 or higher) until about 10 am CDT Saturday. From then on, Adrian will become a Category 1 or 2 hurricane until 10 pm CDT Sunday, when it weakens to a tropical storm. At 10 pm CDT Monday, Adrian becomes a tropical depression, and then an extratropical depression 24 hours later.
The NHC and these ensembles are on the ball about this hurricane's track. The big consensus remains to have the storm move parallel to land, which is also the NHC's solution.
Adrian defied these ensembles majorly by becoming a Category 3 then Category 4 hurricane when no one else thought it would. That said, I have lost some confidence in these ensembles. At this moment, I believe that the pink line on the above ensemble chart is the best bet for going along with the NHC's forecast.

There is unfortunately no infrared satellite image available at this time.

Adrian is now mostly forecast to weaken- first gradually, but then rapidly into an extratropical depression by 5 days from now.

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